Home Health Insurance The Customer Connection: Digital Brand Consistency and the User Experience

Maintaining a consistent brand experience across your digital channels is kind of like keeping in touch with an old friend. You recognize the importance of providing a consistent message across every channel, and make it an ongoing goal – just like you vow that this is the week you’ll email or call your college roommate. But, life is busy. Work is busy. So once again, you say that you’ll call next week. You make plans to revisit the brand once your current project is complete. This is particularly true in industries, such as health insurance, that are experiencing continuous, rapid change.

Your friends may excuse the forgotten phone call, but your customers may not be as forgiving. They crave consistency, and when the user experience across your channels doesn’t align, it challenges your relationship.

Your branding feels comfortable and familiar to you – which makes it essential that you routinely revisit it from the customer’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and take a walk around your site. Does the experience feel seamless? Can you identify opportunities for streamlining?

Consider these guiding principles as you work toward a consistent customer experience:

  • Understand your channels and how customers use them
  • Know what users find valuable about your services
  • Identify common or reusable functions across channels – and make sure that every interaction with that function is consistent
  • Ensure that all critical content regarding plan and claim information is easy to find
  • Make sure that important content is located on your site – not outside your site
  • Add content as new information becomes available, including names of insurance types, plan, levels, tiers, etc.

Revisit your sites with these guidelines in mind, and see if it helps to look at things from a new point of view. It’s time to make brand consistency a priority, and deliver the seamless functionality that consumers demand. Your customers will be happy, and you might even find a few extra minutes to write that note to your old friend.

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