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It’s been a busy summer and fall for Microsoft, with a series of new releases aimed at boosting productivity across the enterprise. And if you’ve followed the news, you’ve likely wondered how these tools might help solve your own business needs. Are you ready to take a test drive?

The Customer Immersion Experience, presented by Tahoe Partners and Microsoft, is a hands-on environment where you can explore best-in-class technologies including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Windows-based devices, and more. Each CIE session lets you explore products at your own pace, with a focus on the tools and solutions relevant to your business. On-site experts are on hand to answer your questions and help determine how to maximize your current technology.

How can Microsoft technologies help solve your business challenges?

Enhancing mobile productivity. Most of your employees use at least one mobile device. Are you effectively integrating these devices into your business? And how can you protect the security of company information stored or shared on them? Learn how mobile devices can support your business, enable your workforce to do their jobs more efficiently, and help you and your employees stay in touch with customers and each other. You’ll also find out how to offer the same user experience across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices while protecting confidential information.

Encouraging collaboration. Forget using email to send the same document back and forth between colleagues. With solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and Skype for Business, you can share documents easily and crowdsource intelligence within your organization—and not have to worry about version control. These tools help enhance collaboration, encourage real-time connectivity with colleagues anywhere in the world, and quickly give you the information you need.

Boosting sales productivity. These days, not everyone works in the same office, or even in an office at all. With apps such as Skype for Business and SharePoint, which facilitate real-time communication and document sharing, employees can collaborate with colleagues and customers who work remotely. Cloud services make it possible for everyone in the organization to share documents or join meetings from anywhere.

Gathering personalized BI insights. Proving your campaign’s return on investment is critical to your job—and your business. Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint and Dynamics CRM make it easier to access BI insights on the fly, giving you the data you need to manage sales and maximize your ROI.

Visualizing data: You don’t have to be an expert analyst to organize data and turn it into meaningful, comprehensible charts. Microsoft solutions help you gather and convert large amounts of data from multiple sources into compelling visuals, so you can identify trends and gain wisdom quickly.

Promoting compliance: Your business depends on protecting confidential information and reducing risk. Solutions such as SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange help you establish document workflows and processes that follow best practices, thereby helping to protect confidential information from being shared outside the organization.

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