Home Customer Engagement Sitecore Making Waves in Content Management

Forrester Research recently released their 2015 WCM Wave Report, evaluating 10 Web Content Management vendors based on current offerings, strategic capabilities, and market presence. Once again, Sitecore has emerged as an industry leader, echoing Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant report from November.

The Forrester report considered growth capabilities, with a specific focus on marketing and commerce, mobile, and cloud offerings. In each of these areas, Sitecore is well positioned to cater to a changing technological landscape.

The Sitecore suite offers customers the opportunity to quickly and effectively manage experiences throughout the consumer journey, across all channels. Both the Forrester and Gartner reports also highlight Sitecore’s user friendly interface, which simplifies the process of seamlessly developing, designing, and deploying a consistent and optimal consumer experience. Content tagging, customer profiling, and cloud deployment were also noted as standout features differentiating Sitecore from its competitors. Marketing and commerce integration also separated this .NET product from the pack.

According to Gartner, Sitecore will continue to benefit as Microsoft pushes customers towards Office 365, and away from utilizing SharePoint to address customizable, integrated and unique web presence.

Among Sitecore competitors, Adobe Experience Manager continues to be ranked near the top of the Gartner and Forrester reports. Adobe’s market share and deep portfolio remain assets, along with their ongoing appeal to design minded marketers. Strong points included analytic and testing features, as well as mobility capabilities leveraging Adobe PhoneGap technology to facilitate content across any device. While Adobe’s offerings may cause some sticker shock, the cost to companies who can afford and fully utilize the product is well worth it.

To help close the gap, Sitecore will need to remain innovative in working its product into existing and complex ecosystems. Where Sitecore will continue to gain momentum is in their competitive pricing, along with the development of strong partnerships to help harness and implement their full range of offerings.

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