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What is the difference between an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy and a SharePoint Strategy? Which do you need?

Our recent series of blog posts outlined the Enterprise Collaboration Strategy and Roadmap and examined specific elements of a strong strategy, such as the technology foundation, content and search, user experience, and governance, training and communication. Where does a SharePoint Strategy fit in?

The primary distinction between an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy and a SharePoint Strategy lies in the focus. An Enterprise Collaboration Strategy looks at the major platforms and programs used for collaboration across the enterprise. This includes areas like audio and web conferencing, unified communications (instant messaging and phones), video conference, file sharing tools, internal and external social networking tools, applications that contain document management capabilities, and more. And of course, it often includes SharePoint.

A SharePoint Strategy focuses specifically on SharePoint; how it is used, how it could be used, how the user experience can be improved, how to increase adoption, and more. Other enterprise tools will be uncovered and discussed in terms of their impact to SharePoint, but are not evaluated to the same depth they might be in an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy.

Both Enterprise Collaboration and SharePoint Strategies cover these areas:

  • Communication and Change Management
  • Governance
  • Resources
  • Social
  • Usability and User Experience

For a complete list, see our post on what we look at in an enterprise collaboration strategy.

Enterprise Collaboration Strategy, SharePoint Strategy

An Enterprise Collaboration Strategy defines an optimized collaboration environment, often anchored by SharePoint, while a SharePoint Strategy defines how SharePoint can be optimally used in the organization.

It is not possible to create an effective SharePoint strategy without gaining a basic understanding of some of the other tools and platforms used for collaborative purposes. It’s essential to determine what they do well (and should continue to do), versus those requirements that could be better handled by SharePoint.

We often execute Enterprise Collaboration Strategies with a strong focus on SharePoint, and additional consideration given to other collaboration tools in the environment. In practice, your specific situation dictates whether an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy or a SharePoint Strategy is best for your organization – and we can help determine which is right for you.

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