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Last week, we offered a big picture overview of SharePoint Social and Yammer and as you may have noticed, there is some overlap between the two. For example, they both allow you to follow people and documents, share updates, and use social features such as “likes”, hashtags, and @mentions. But in order to make an educated decision on which is the best fit for your organization, you need to fully understand your options.

Take a look at a feature-by-feature comparison of SharePoint Social and Yammer:

SharePoint 2013 Social Feature Yammer (equivalent) Feature
Likes Likes
@Mentions @Mentions
Newsfeed Company Newsfeed
Site Feeds Yammer Groups
Community Sites N/A – but can set up groups to facilitate collaboration/conversations
“I’m Following” Web Part Follow Colleagues, Documents and Sites
Following People Follow Colleagues
Tagging Topics – Tag Content with Topics


If you are considering making Yammer your organization’s default social network, keep in mind the implications of the cloud. Because Yammer is a cloud service, organizations not comfortable with multi-tenant cloud services, or those with policies not allowing the sharing of data and conversations in the cloud, are finding that Yammer is just not for them. The infographic below highlights some of the pros and cons to take into consideration:

SharePoint Social vs. Yammer

Which Should I Choose?
Based on the pros and cons outlined above, you should think about using native SharePoint Social if…

  • Your organization restricts the use of cloud-based platforms/technologies
  • Your organization has invested considerable effort in building customized templates and information architecture, and wants to leverage those using community sites.

Consider leveraging Yammer if…

  • Collaboration with external partners and/or customers is a major priority.
  • There is a need to eliminate organizational silos and benefit from ad-hoc interactions such as real time participation and sharing.(ad-hoc interactions)
  • Organization is migrating to Office 365 leveraging the rich integration between Office 365 and Yammer

You’ve weighed the options and found the right fit – so what is the next step? Join us next week as we highlight the keys to a successful SharePoint 2013 cloud-based or on-premises integration.

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