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Did you know that Microsoft may help pay for your company to explore improving your business processes and increasing adoption with SharePoint? You may be eligible for up to 15 days of workshops, paid for by Microsoft, as part of your Software Assurance Benefit.

We’ve explored SharePoint for Line of Business (LOB) solutions, talking through the ROI benefits of LOB applications, and taking a close look at SharePoint-based solutions for product management and lifecycle management. Now we’ll discover how you may be able to leverage your Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit to start work on a LOB solution – and begin realizing a stronger ROI on your SharePoint investment.

Here’s the quick view: based on how much you spend with Microsoft for Software Assurance, you are eligible for between 1 and 15 days of consultant-led planning services. Tahoe works with you on one or more Microsoft-targeted areas; you get specific deliverables, and Microsoft, not your organization, pays Tahoe for the work. While 15 days won’t get you a complete solution, it can get you through critical vision, design, and proof of concept activities.

Within Microsoft’s Software Assurance Planning Services, there is a SharePoint specific piece called SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS). In addition to SharePoint, Microsoft also offers planning services for:

  • Desktop Deployment
  • Developer Tools
  • Lync and Exchange
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server

Microsoft offers a wide range of topics on which to spend your Planning Services vouchers, including:

  • Office 365 FastTrack Pilot
  • SharePoint 2013 Deployment
  • SharePoint 2013 Social Proof of Concept
  • SharePoint 2013 Search Proof of Concept
  • SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management (WCM) Proof of Concept
  • Multiple SharePoint 2010 areas

LOB applications fall in several of these categories, most notably Search, Social and WCM.

What does a Planning Service Engagement look like?  It depends on the number of days, but here is a general view.

  • 1-day Engagement – we’ll work with your team to gather requirements and make recommendations for the solution.
  • 3-day Engagement – we take the requirements deeper, and develop a design and deployment plan.
  • 5-day Engagement – we help you get more hands on with the technologies proposed for the solution.
  • 10-day and 15-day Engagements – we’ll provide a proof of concept of the LOB solution.

While we’ve talked primarily about using your Planning Services Benefit for LOB applications, you can also use it to better understand and plan your upgrade path to SharePoint 2013 or Office 365.

According to Microsoft, only 5% of customers eligible for Planning Services have actually taken advantage of the opportunity.  Are you among the 95% leaving valuable (and free) service opportunities on the table?

Tahoe Partners is a Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Service Partner. We can help you take advantage of your unused Planning Services Benefits – contact us today.

An expert in SharePoint and Enterprise Collaboration strategy, Dave has delivered SharePoint business solutions ranging from dynamic websites to a program to capture and track employee ideas. Dave is a regular distance and event runner and is always looking for new endurance adventures.

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