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A challenge shared by many organizations is the difficulty of establishing a transparent and efficient method for incident management. One client knew there had to be a better way, and enlisted Tahoe Partners to develop a solution to deliver quality, integrated testing services for their web and mobile applications. This comprehensive program overhauled their policies, processes, communications, tools and training to ensure accountability, transparency, and consistency. The ultimate goal? Improved effectiveness, efficiency and speed of resolving incidents.

A key obstacle was the lack of a centralized point of access for test-related information, and an inability to escalate testing-related issues. The solution was a collaborative platform that would provide:

  • Release-centric progress and data dashboards
  • Documentation of open decisions, interdependencies, issues, and risk management
  • A singe repository for all testing governance assets
  • Visibility to quality oversight and enforcement
  • A real-time forum for team collaboration and corrective action

The solution was centered on a SharePoint site serving as a testing portal that included both common SharePoint functions to improve collaboration and managed workflow and business-specific functions requiring more complex customization, such as:

  • A test management dashboard with drill-down navigation displaying test results and release defect data
  • A watch list for most critical, most urgent decisions, dependencies, issues and risks
  • Interactive navigational “map” to access testing governance assets with drill-down capability to processes, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and content links
  • Testing Center of Excellence to access links to testing-related web sites and documentation
  • A release calendar for viewing current release dates and defect resolution status
  • Global community social interaction features to ask questions, share ideas, and draw from the collective experience of other community members

Benefits delivered by the incident management solution included:

Visibility to fact-based test results reporting minimizes finger-pointing, provides a support mechanism for decision-makers, and ensures that all pre-testing deliverables and handoffs are correct.

A platform for cross-team collaboration reduces the need for meetings and endless email exchanges.

The solution is repeatable, and expandable to other applications and operational areas.

Quality Oversight and Enforcement
Reporting quality review results serves as an ‘early warning’ system, and enables preventive and corrective actions.

Better test team effectiveness means improvements in accountability, communication, and focus on KPIs.

Behavioral Change
Perhaps the greatest benefit realized was the growth in maturity of the testing organization, and increased sharing and cooperation achieved by breaking down ‘silo’ patterns and behaviors.

Leveraging SharePoint as a platform set a new standard for testing web and mobile applications – one that can be expanded to deliver these same benefits across the organization.

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