Home Workforce Productivity Project Management: On-time and On-budget with the NowEnterprise

As a project manager, productivity is essential – both my own and that of my team. But what that looks like depends on the day. It might be found in time saved by eliminating the usual flood of status update emails, or it could mean connecting with the right people at the right time, whether virtually or in person. As part of our ongoing series, we’re looking at how employees use the NowEnterprise in their work roles. This is one project manager’s story:

I manage a great group of smart, creative people, but like many large teams spread across multiple locations, working cohesively can be a challenge. Gathering everyone in a single location can be a logistical nightmare, and I hate an endless stream of mass emails. Recently, while walking back to my office after lunch, I ran into one of my team members. She usually works remotely, but was in the Chicago office for the week. We started chatting, and our impromptu conversation evolved into something more closely resembling a meeting. With the NowEnterprise, it’s easy to capitalize on opportunities like this. I had my Surface tablet with me, so I instantly created a new meeting and tagged it with our project name. In a few clicks, I was able to book an available conference room and post a note to the team site’s social feed inviting any available project team members to come join us – onsite or through an online meeting.

The NowEnterprise is always running on my tablet, and it has become an integral part of my project management role. At this particular meeting, I asked a question outside the skill set of the group gathered in the room. Matching key words from my question with tags in social profiles, the NowEnterprise suggested a subject matter expert to consult and pulled her in for a quick video chat, giving us an instant answer and eliminating the need for additional offline work.

What about those who weren’t able to join us for an unscheduled meeting – how do we keep them in the loop? Through the NowEnterprise, I created an audio recording, automatically transcribing notes from the session and generating a list of follow-up tasks for me to approve and assign to team members and other stakeholders in a seamless workflow. The output of our impromptu meeting integrates painlessly into our project collaboration workspace. Everyone has access – without exchanging a single email.

I don’t think of the NowEnterprise as an intranet anymore, it’s just my home base for work. Since it launched, we are completing more projects on-time and on-budget. But what I value even more than the end result is how it helps our team members (me included) make better use of our time. Since we’re not searching for documents, exchanging emails, and bird-dogging approvals, we’re freed up to truly innovate and collaborate – which, after all, is the whole point.

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