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Your users are evolving. Increasingly digital savvy, they expect a personalized experience. Are you evolving with them? To see real value from your secure member portal you must make it a destination – engaging, dynamic, and accessible. A great member portal is always evolving, but one thing remains constant: a seamless, online experience keeps users loyal and helps your organization thrive.

We’ve spent the last several months talking about opportunities for improving member portals, through features like integrated EOBs, tools for member retention, personalization, content, analytics, and more. These enhancements focus on two key goals: increasing member retention and reducing costs. Our customers universally agree that these are key priorities, but they don’t just happen overnight. There are organizational, technical, and budgetary constraints to be considered. What is the right amount of time and money to dedicate to this? One of the key questions we hear is where do I stand today against my peers and best-in-class organizations?

The Benefits of a Strategic Member Portal
Tahoe Partners has developed an online tool that allows you to perform a quick but insightful self-assessment to help evaluate where your member portal stands against best practices, offering a high-level view tailored to your organization. Not all member portal enhancements are created equal. Some capabilities will make a big impact on member retention and cost savings, while others will only move the needle a fraction at significant expense. Evaluating these features against your business priorities is critical.

What will move the needle?
We’ll ask you to rate your member portal on several key functions, including:

  • User Interface
  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Features such as onboarding, bill pay, and search
  • Personalization
  • Analytics

Find out where you stand – give the fast, free, and informative Member Portal Assessment a try. If you’d like to dig deeper, we’re always available to answer any questions and help interpret your results.

Start to Evolve: Take the Member Portal Self-Assessment Now >

Amy brings twenty years of experience in delivering high-impact, high-value digital solutions, and her innovative thinking has helped numerous health insurers dramatically improve customer engagement. Amy has a long track record of helping clients navigate the consumerization of healthcare - and a long record on the track running half marathons and other hard-core races.

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