Home Workforce Productivity Live from #SPC14: Part 3

Following up on our discussion of the art and science of governance, I have been asked several times here at #SPC14 to share in more detail how we actually execute a SharePoint governance initiative.

Leveraging the combined strengths of Tahoe Partners and our partner firm AvePoint, we approach the challenges associated with governance from a holistic standpoint. Good governance addresses the complete environment in which the workforce is operating:

  • Business processes
  • Information and data
  • Applications and infrastructure
  • People (inside and outside of the organization) and culture

In a perfect world, we would begin to address governance at the point we develop the Collaboration/Engagement Strategy and Roadmap, and operationalize it as we deploy the SharePoint platform and associated business initiatives.

Of course, best case scenarios are typically the exception, not the rule! From a practical perspective, we’ve created a comprehensive view that utilizes Tahoe’s knowledge of the attributes that drive effective governance from the enterprise and solution-specific level, along with AvePoint’s expertise and enabling technology.

Effective governance is a multi-step process of identification and compliance. Together, we address governance from a top-down and/or bottom-up approach. Regardless of where we enter into the governance maturity life-cycle of a particular organization, we can move up or down the ladder of continuity to ensure success and adoption. Just as importantly, we can identify where those elements can be automated within AvePoint’s product suite. Further, the softer issues associated with the deployment of a governance program, such as culture and communication, must also be addressed.

This combined approach from Tahoe and AvePoint eliminates potential issues that sometimes occur between strategy, design, and execution – we have taken the awkward hand-off between business solutions and infrastructure out of the equation. This comprehensive approach provides us with multiple benefits:

  • Establishes a continuous learning environment that improves governance within the specific organization, as well as the overall set of dimensions that we utilize on an ongoing basis
  • Extends the value of the AvePoint product set by providing continuing insights into the elements necessary to manage governance across the enterprise and point specific solutions

The primary objectives of governance and compliance are to protect the interests of the enterprise while simultaneously creating an environment of confidence that drives adoption, productivity and innovation. In short, a balance of the art and science of governance.

The level of engagement and interest in complex topics like this has been a highlight of #SPC14. I look forward to meeting more of you – before we wrap up today, stop by and see us at Booth #234!

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