Home Health Insurance It’s Not Member Onboarding – It’s Member Welcoming

As health insurers prepare for a wave of new members in 2014, they are investing significant dollars and resources in new and revamped online member portals. So why aren’t more members registering?

We know that online engagement pivots on the days (even hours) before and after a shopper submits an application, so insurers are looking to:

  • Build a seamless experience converting shoppers into members.
  • Leverage mobile resources to engage members at the point of sale.
  • Reduce call center volumes by giving members answers to common onboarding questions.
  • Make members feel like valued customers.
  • Maximize ROI on their member portal.

When thinking through the member welcoming process, consider how you can best leverage all available channels, such as web, mobile, etc. to drive member engagement – and reduce costs through increased portal use and self-service.

Matthew helps forward-thinking organizations develop digital solutions that captivate and engage consumers. He speaks four languages fluently (that’s a lie, he struggles with English) and is an avid runner and CrossFit athlete (that’s a lie too). Matthew likes to relax with family and friends and eat good food (okay, that one is true).

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