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Your sales team is knowledgeable and motivated. They know when to bring in subject matter experts at just the right moment in the sales cycle. They’re also busy, and out of the office a lot….

Your sales team is great at communicating with clients. They speak exceptionally well to the value of your product. But they’re also standing up in front of an audience with attention spans of approximately eight seconds….

Sound familiar? Consider for a moment the ways your expectations around digital interactions have changed in just the last few years. Your clients, prospects, and sales force are no different. SharePoint Line of Business applications can help to bridge the gap, and create collaborative, workflow-driven sales enablement that will streamline the sales process and improve results.

A prime opportunity to leverage Line of Business applications is during the pre-sale process. A well-thought-out LOB application can bring together the right cross-functional team in a virtual environment to create proposals that result in wins. Smart workflows loop in internal experts in a timely, transparent fashion. Once assembled, team members can easily access information to leverage existing proposal content, shortening the process. Sales-specific LOB applications can also empower your sales force with robust search capabilities that let them access results by date, expertise, pricing variables and more. You’re no longer reinventing the wheel with each new proposal – which translates to improved productivity and a faster sales cycle; lowering SG&A.

Line of Business Applications can produce an edge by facilitating the creation of a rich and personalized digital experience for prospective clients. Done correctly, you’ve built something that takes the sales meeting to a new level. It’s one thing to describe a product to a prospect  and another thing entirely to pull out a tablet and show them a customized visual, complete with their branding. In addition, a LOB application enables sales reps to access sophisticated back-end information near real-time, in front of the prospect, giving them a strategic advantage over competitors who have to say, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

After the meeting, you can leverage SharePoint to create tailored client and prospect sites. Instead of emailing a PowerPoint presentation, your leave-behind is a customized microsite that incorporates basic follow-up materials like meeting documents along with robust, relevant digital content, such as topical blog posts or LinkedIn profiles. It’s a continuation of the remarkable experience that you established in the meeting, and it will differentiate you.

A compelling digital experience is equally important whether you are looking to foster collaboration among your internal team, or to capture the imagination of clients and prospects. A SharePoint Line of Business application will help you reach that goal, and realize tangible results: improved sales conversions, better efficiency, enhanced productivity and increased sales volume.  And maybe even grab your audience’s attention for a full nine seconds….

A co-founder of Tahoe Partners, Russ brings over twenty years of experience as a Sales and Recruiting executive and a proven track record of satisfied clients and partners. In addition to ensuring our clients have the highest level of satisfaction, he can often be found spiking a volleyball on North Avenue Beach.

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