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The healthcare story of 2013 was that of the Affordable Care Act, dominating the news with everything from carefully researched think pieces to inflammatory click bait. As the year comes to a close, we’re reviewing 2013 in headlines – taking a closer look at how coverage of the healthcare law unfolded throughout the year, as well as identifying some larger trends that we expect to hear more about in years to come.

The Many Facets of the Affordable Care Act

With plenty of unanswered questions about rollout of state and federal health insurance exchanges, industry experts weighed in with their predictions.

As October approached, the challenges inherent in such a massive undertaking became clear.

Health insurers rose to the occasion, making consumer education a top priority.

However, signs of trouble behind the scenes were evident.

On October 1, Healthcare.gov and the state exchanges launched as planned, with traffic far exceeding expectations – and capacity.

By the end of October, we were all sick of the word “glitchy”, but optimistic about state-run exchanges.

Late-breaking news proved to be a game changer.

With new policies set to take effect on January 1, open questions remain for insurers.

A Shift to Retail

Getting ready for an influx of newly insured individuals, health insurers prepared to meet these new customers on their home turf – whether that meant the mall, or the internet.

Consumer Engagement is Essential

As insurers sought to differentiate themselves from competitors, drive cost savings, and better serve their members, consumer engagement became more critical than ever.

Mobile Health and Innovation Ahead

Wondering what’s ahead? The brightest minds in healthcare are already thinking about the new and next: mobile health and innovation.

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