Home Health Insurance Get Fresh, Stay Relevant: What’s Next for Content Marketing in Health Insurance

Health insurance is complex and easily overwhelms many consumers – product terminology is filled with jargonese, the market is flooded with options that are difficult to compare, and benefit usage rules (what’s covered by what provider and under what conditions) can feel like the overly complicated rules for a board game. As a result, consumers are reluctant to read – let alone trust – information shared by health insurers.

Content marketing is a great way to bridge the gap. Delivering valuable content around consumer interests and concerns outside of health insurance-based transactions allows you, as the health insurer, to build trust while developing a partnered relationship. Your content marketing strategy is more than a path to conversions – it’s key to establishing your brand value as greater than the mere commodity of your products and services.

How do you create higher frequency touch points that provide value and utility throughout the health insurance customer journey?

Be proactive in providing helpful value to customers and prospects based on others like them. Turning 26 and aging off your parents’ policy? Just got married – thinking about kids? What about retirement? Different life milestones come with unique challenges. Creating experiences that offer relevant and useful insight around these life events allows you to curate and share relevant information with an authentic and genuine approach that isn’t wrapped directly around sales.

One great example is a recent prototype we developed for one of our clients as a portal interface and lead generation tool, featuring a Pinterest-style dashboard of heart health content such as ‘know your numbers’, statistics, risk factors, and other heart wellness tidbits.

Create a natural environment for facilitating the use of the tools and materials you’re already creating focused on specific interests. Do you have an app that tracks member information, like Oscar Health’s mobile app with fitness wearable integration and personalized daily step goals? What about other types of value-providing tools – such as Northwestern Mutual’s “Longevity Game” and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s healthcare costs calculator? How about your blog articles, news stories, and the educational material on your website? Consider packaging these types of tools and content into a digital experience tuned to your targets’ interests.

Leverage digital content that’s already out there. As a health insurer you are uniquely positioned to share valuable content with your prospects and customers, curated through the lens of your expert point of view. This is a pivotal value add in this age of infobesity.

One great option we’ve recently considered is integrating feeds of wellness content provided by you as the insurer directly into employer clients’ company intranets (think LinkedIn Pulse). Most companies provide wellness content that is stale and static – offering this type of service generates mutually beneficial engagement by serving up something fresh and dynamic.

Whatever approach you take, there is no time like the present to rethink how you produce, curate, and present content. In a sea of digital information, make sure that yours stands out for its quality and utility – and watch it rise to the top.

As a Senior Consultant, Christine uses 14+ years experience in digital asset development to help our clients innovate and implement best-next-steps customer engagement solutions. Her specialties include health insurance automation and initiatives related to health care reform – and a minor passion for trawling the Twitterverse for emerging health care trends.

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