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For those in Sales, who are often on the road and out of the office, it’s easy to develop a lone wolf mentality. But as The Hangover taught us, we’re better off with our wolf pack. In our ongoing series, we’ve talked about ways in which the NowEnterprise fosters connectivity and collaboration, which is essential for knowledge workers, millennials, and more. This lifeline to the enterprise is even more critical when your ability to deliver a WIN often relies on tapping into the expertise of your colleagues and your company knowledge bases, particularly when you need to be able to work from anywhere. How does the NowEnterprise make the sales process more seamless and effective?

Before the Sale
Robust search features and intuitive navigation make it quick and easy to identify the right people to collaborate with and the right information to leverage. Searching by name or subject matter or using a sales specific Line of Business (LOB) application, you can view results by date, expertise, pricing variable and more. Perhaps the go-to expert on a particular detail of a proposal works on the warehouse floor. Equipping deskless workers with mobile devices, the NowEnterprise integrates them into the collaborative proposal process. In addition, past presentation content and LOB resources are searchable and accessible – so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new proposal.

Accelerating the process of finding a specific resource during the pre-sale process – whether that is a colleague’s expertise or an accelerating application – saves time and money, and ultimately, increases your win percentage.

On the Road
The NowEnterprise mobile experience is optimized for whatever device you’re working on, letting you work seamlessly across your phone, tablet, and laptop. On a plane or at your desk (for once), robust workflow features simplify the process of reviewing proposals and content, so you can keep the work moving forward wherever you happen to be.

During the Sale
Put simply, the NowEnterprise wows clients. An impressive mobile-first, touch and swipe design (that also translates well to a PC) makes an impact in client meetings. The NowEnterprise also enables sales reps to leverage sophisticated “backend” information near real-time while in front of the prospect. This capability becomes a strategic advantage over competitors that are still taking orders and getting back with quotes. The historical quoting process necessitated by an inability to access centrally held critical pricing and availability information slows the process and frustrates customers. Driving a presentation with voice enabled interactions – i.e. next slide, Siri! – is unquestionably more impressive than a clicker. After the meeting, you can create customized client and prospect sites. Instead of emailing a PowerPoint presentation, your leave-behind is a customized microsite that not only includes the meeting documents but integrates outside content like LinkedIn profiles and relevant blog content.

After the Sale
We’ve talked before about the New Expectation – so what is the new expectation for the Sales process? Like your employees, clients are looking for a remarkable experience. Inspiring proposals and leave-behind content help you stand out from the pack – and drive improved Sales conversions. Strengthening internal buy-in and transparency to opportunities and proposals helps to boost employee engagement. What’s more, empowering your sales team to effectively tap into these internal resources ultimately leads to increased productivity and sales efficiency – and that means lower SG&A costs. The bottom line? Run together, don’t be a pack of one; you’ll enjoy more sales, and more revenue.

A co-founder of Tahoe Partners, Russ brings over twenty years of experience as a Sales and Recruiting executive and a proven track record of satisfied clients and partners. In addition to ensuring our clients have the highest level of satisfaction, he can often be found spiking a volleyball on North Avenue Beach.

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