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It is difficult to talk about collaboration without talking about being social. After all, collaboration is defined as “working with another person or group in order to achieve or do something.” That sounds social – doesn’t it?

For the last several months we’ve outlined our approach to Enterprise Collaboration Strategy and Roadmaps and discussed details in areas from governance, training and communication, to user experience and usability, to making sure you have the right technology foundation in place. This final piece in our series will dig into social and mobile as factors in an Enterprise Collaboration Roadmap.

In the enterprise, social and social business mean different things to different people. Every organization is at a different level of social maturity, and readiness to embrace social capabilities. In creating an Enterprise Collaboration Roadmap, we look at a wide range of social capabilities, as well as cultural issues that may impact a social strategy and adoption. Topics include:

  • Is the culture receptive to modern social business capabilities? What are some foreseeable obstacles? What level of change management will be needed?
  • How do employees find subject matter experts?
  • What information is contained in an employee’s profile? Are skills, projects, hobbies, areas of expertise, etc. included?
  • Are wikis and blogs used? Are they highly adopted across the organization?
  • How can online communities be used to facilitate more efficient interaction between individuals with a common purpose?
  • Would newsfeed type functionality be valuable?
  • Can users rate, follow, tag or highlight content?
  • How is ideation performed? Would crowdsourcing improve the quality and number of ideas?
  • What type of recognition programs are in place? Can the Enterprise Collaboration environment be leveraged?
  • Are users using “external” social tools for business purposes, such as Yammer, Jive, LinkedIn, etc., that run the risk of exposing confidential information?

In a previous post, “Social and Mobile must be part of ALL Digital Solutions“, we discussed how mobile (and social) must be part of any solution. This applies to an Enterprise Collaboration Roadmap as well – mobile must be a significant consideration in all areas of the roadmap.  Like social, mobile often has different meanings which we explore through questions like:

  • How are employees in the field collaborating with each other?
  • What information, processes, and applications do remote users require?
  • What content is accessed on each type of device? Phones? Tablets? Laptop?
  • How do tablet and phone users interact with social content? How do they find experts?
  • How can a consistent user experience across all devices provide better usability and higher adoption?
  • Are there strong use cases for apps and/or applications? Which is best?
  • What key security considerations are there for mobile?

Understanding where your organization is heading with social and mobile is especially critical because these two areas are rapidly spreading through the enterprise. If they aren’t already, users will soon demand social and mobile capabilities, and those demands will only increase as users have broader online experiences outside of work. Do you have a roadmap for mobile and social in your company?

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