Home Workforce Productivity Enterprise Collaboration: What’s Your Organization’s Maturity?

You’re likely familiar with the new digital expectation for the world of work – of technology that is enjoyable to use, and more meaningful than just another information repository. Perhaps you read our series on the next generation intranet, or took a tour of the NowEnterprise. You may even have a vision for the future of your enterprise – of seamless, collaborative solutions that drive productivity and engage employees. But just how far do you have to go to reach that future state? How mature – and effective – is your current enterprise collaboration environment?

With our new online tool you can quickly evaluate your enterprise collaboration environment and find out how you compare to best-in-class organizations. Take our Enterprise Collaboration Self-Assessment and see how you measure up in key areas like:

  • Employee Productivity
  • Social & Mobile Features
  • Project Delivery Performance
  • Career Development & Performance Management
  • And more…

Are you behind the curve, or an enterprise collaboration innovator? Take the assessment to find out. After all, charting a course for the future begins with finding out where you are now.

Take the Enterprise Collaboration Self-Assessment >

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