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Just the other day, I walked into a store and was greeted by the woman behind the counter.

“Hello. It’s nice to see you. Welcome back.”

Now, it had been some time since my last visit to that store, yet it instantly seemed as if it had been only yesterday. I immediately felt a connection to the store. It felt like my neighborhood store. And yes, I probably bought an extra item or two that I really didn’t need because of it.

Why? That simple greeting made me feel recognized. It made me feel remembered. It made me feel valued.

When we talk about customer engagement, we often focus on the end goal. Making the sale. The sweet ‘cha-ching’ of the cash register. It’s easy to forget that customer engagement starts with making a connection. It starts by recognizing a customer, remembering what’s important to them and finally, making them feel valued.

As digital marketers focused on customer engagement, our job is to build connections through content and media. We develop digital properties that build connections between people and brands. We evoke human emotion with machines. We do this by serving up the right message to the right person at the right time. While personalization is nothing new, very few brands do it well. And, in most cases I would argue that even the companies doing this well are focused more on cross-selling products and less on having authentic conversations with their customers.

Digital solutions that adapt to and anticipate customer need represent the next frontier. Digital tools that are capable of an authentic conversation represent the path to true customer engagement. The technology exists. It’s now a race to see how well you know your customer and how well you can program content and websites that are relevant, immediate, and connected.

We are excited to introduce a series of articles focused on the next evolution of digital customer engagement. Trends, best practices, and a few tips and tricks from our experts who think about this stuff all day. We hope you enjoy this series, and invite you to voice your thoughts and experiences and continue the conversation.

We hope you come back and visit. And when you do, we’ll be the first to say…

“Hello. It’s nice to see you. Welcome back.”

Matthew helps forward-thinking organizations develop digital solutions that captivate and engage consumers. He speaks four languages fluently (that’s a lie, he struggles with English) and is an avid runner and CrossFit athlete (that’s a lie too). Matthew likes to relax with family and friends and eat good food (okay, that one is true).

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