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Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s new Medicare website, launched this summer, offers users a streamlined, mobile-friendly way to access essential information. The site provides members and users with educational content about Medicare, as well as the ability to enroll online.

Horizon’s goal was to bring together two existing Medicare sites into one unified, seamless experience that is also 508 compliant. In addition, they wanted to optimize the mobile experience, increase online enrollment, and reduce website maintenance effort and costs.

Tahoe Partners stepped up to the task with a team of healthcare subject matter experts, strategic user experience specialists, and innovative designers. We took an iterative approach to certain aspects of the project in order to meet the quick turnaround of delivering the new site in just five months.

Some highlights of the site include: a detailed plan comparison section that lays out costs, benefits, and requirements side by side; the ability to enroll online through a descriptive and guided experience; and a consolidated listing of plan documentation, helpful articles, frequently asked questions, and a glossary of terms. This feature-rich experience is wrapped in a mobile-friendly package with a persistent  “hamburger” menu style of navigation even on the desktop experience, and clear calls to action that will help drive online conversions.

The redesign of the new Medicare site provided an opportunity for the team to create contemporary, web-focused design standards for the Horizon brand that can be re-used across their other websites and marketing materials. Elements such as colors, fonts and iconography were part of an overall creative freshening-up and modernization.

Combining two existing sites into one responsively designed site, built in Drupal, enables Horizon to reduce maintenance time and overhead costs, as well as delivering on their primary goal of building a site designed and tested to support 508 compliance and accessibility. The launch of the new Medicare website marks the completion of a successful project for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and Tahoe Partners!

Make sure to check out the new site at https://medicare.horizonblue.com/.

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