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A beautiful bride nervously walks down the aisle toward her future husband, surrounded by a sea of friends and family. With each step, questions race through her mind: “does the best man have the rings?”, “will the weather hold out for pictures?”, “will the reception hall be ready”… “should we go with the HMO or the high deductible PPO with a narrow network?”

Major life events require people to think about their health insurance. Marriage, divorce, the birth of a child… these often prompt a call to the insurance company, as families evaluate almost every aspect of their life. But we need to understand that health insurance competes with a zillion other to-do’s and decisions.

In these situations, what role can a health insurer play? Can we help alleviate some stress?

The answer is absolutely yes. Major life events present a golden opportunity for insurance companies to demonstrate value, and show members that we’re here to build a long-term relationship. Here are a few examples:

Relocation: As members scramble to find boxes, friends to help lift couches, and temporary housing, can you present them with helpful information? Think, instructions for updating their address, a list of highly-rated providers in their new neighborhood, or even tips for lifting heavy boxes properly.

Employment Change: A change in employment (even under the best of circumstances) can be a stressful time. It often necessitates a change in health coverage, and in some cases might mean a loss of coverage. Members often feel lost as they try to understand new coverage options, COBRA, and the multitude of options offered through the healthcare exchange. A proactive reach-out to members to guide them through this process could mean the difference between losing a customer and gaining a lifelong member.

Milestone Birthdays: “Happy Birthday! Schedule your colonoscopy today!” It might not be on their wishlist, but as members pass certain milestones it never hurts to remind them about important preventative tests and screening that are included as part of their coverage. Birthdays provide the perfect opportunity to show that they are more than just subscription numbers.

Our health insurance clients often ask us for ways to better engage with their members. Effective engagement often has more to do with when than what, and major life events can be a great opportunity to connect.

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