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In 1999, Bill Gates published “Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy”; fast forward fourteen years and Tahoe Partners is preparing to present at the upcoming Global Directions 2013 Conference, titled “Fast Data for Fast Business: Intelligent Information Management Across the Enterprise”. I couldn’t help but reflect on Mr Gates’ book, Tahoe’s core service offerings and the key messages of our conference presentation.

The premise of Gates’ book is that information flow is the lifeblood of a company, and a ‘digital nervous system’ is required to facilitate this information flow in order to produce a highly effective organization. Today, the technologies are available to optimize the digital nervous system and reap the potential benefits of big data, such as:

  • Providing timely insights into vast amounts of customer-centric data (customer intimacy)
  • Rapidly enabling innovation directly impacting products and services (product leadership)
  • Further optimizing business models and operational processes – (operational excellence)

Global Directions 2013 will focus on the fact that while big is good (especially since the technology is now capable of handling all this data) it’s only half of the story. From a business perspective, it’s much more important that data be “fast”, rather than “big”. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

Tahoe Partners will expand on the ‘fast data for fast business’ discussion, exploring the critical requirements of Usability and Adoption. Organizations have the ability to get the right information, target the right users, and deliver it in a timely (fast) manner, but still struggle to effectively increase end-user adoption. If information isn’t delivered in a simple, usable interface, efficiency is lost, the speed of business critical decisions slows, and opportunities are missed. Research by McKinsey and Gartner has shown that collaborative solutions, when adopted, produce a more productive environment:

  • 77% increased speed to knowledge
  • 28% increase in successful projects
  • 29% reduced time to market
  • 52% increased speed to internal experts
  • 41% increase in employee satisfaction

People adopt technology that they enjoy!

In the digital age, businesses differentiate themselves through information flow, the ability to engage end-users, and to change the way people collaborate. Information work is the norm and deskless workers are commonplace. Have companies recognized and accepted the fact that ‘systems of engagement’ are different than ‘systems of record’?  Do they understand that engagement is driven by adoption? That today’s information worker expects that workplace technologies match the power and simplicity of consumer tools?

In order to truly leverage the power of big data, transform it into fast data, and reap the benefits associated with customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence, collaborative solutions must drive usability, adoption and engagement. Elements such as aesthetics, interaction, usability, personalization and mobile help to drive a rich user experience, one that maximizes current technologies and puts a wealth of information at users’ fingertips.

Mr. Gates’ predictions about the digital nervous system have come to fruition – the Global Directions 2013 conference is just one of many proof points. What will our presentation add to the conversation? We’ll look at adoption through the lens of strategy, creative design, and technology enablement, and explore our belief that real engagement and collaboration are fostered by deploying solutions that people really want to use.

We hope to see you this September in Washington, D.C.

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